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Shepherd Shack®


Introducing the revolutionary rodent enrichment product that has become an industry standard.

Let your laboratory mice live the American dream with this revolutionary enrichment item. The Shepherd Shack® comes in a variety of styles to suit every one of your mice.


Learn how mice preferred the Shepherd Shack® over other enrichment devices. View our interactive presentation and listen to what researchers found in their study.

  • Environmental enrichment - Shepherd Shack® provide an activity center for mice to climb on. They can also be chewed and shredded to build a nest.

  • Reduced litter stress - Bedding can be easily changed in the area around the Shack without disturbing the litter inside.

  • Reduced aggression - The Shepherd Shack® caters to rodents' natural subterranean instincts. It can actually help reduce aberrant behavior of some of the more aggressive strains while offering mice a safe refuge from their more dominant cage mates.

  • Increased surface area - In addition to the cage floor, the Shepherd Shack's surface area may be counted as floor space.

  • Superior Nest building device - Each Shepherd Shack® forms an excellent foundation for nest building when combined with Enviro-dri® nesting material.   Mice pull the preferred quantity of nesting material into the shack to construct the perfect nest.

  • Improved breeding environment - Early observations have shown improved breeding results for certain strains of transgenics and other types of mice.

  • Availability - It is available in five different shapes. The Shepherd Shack® will fit in most cages currently on the market.

  • Clean and consistent - Manufactured from unprinted, uncoated white book publisher-grade paper, the Shepherd Shack is extremely clean and consistent.

  • Autoclavable - It is easily autoclaved, and is available irradiated.

See complete laboratory analysis of Shepherd Shack®

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