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Premium All-In-One Enrichment Bedding

Cellu-nest™ is a new, premium cellulose bedding option that is soft, clean, and comfortable.


Perhaps most importantly, Cellu-nest™ allows for natural burrowing and nesting behaviors, without having to add any additional nesting or enrichment

material. This eliminates added costs.


Cellu-nest™ is a safe, clean material with ultra-low contaminant levels. However, it is at a price point that makes it a very economical alternative to all other nestable bedding options.

  • Exceptional Nestability - Right out of the bag, no added materials necessary

  • Promotes instinctive behaviors - Burrowing and nesting

  • Highly Absorbent - Will absorb over 6 times its own weight in liquids

  • High Wet-Strength Material - Won't break down or disintegrate when wet

  • High Wicking Rate - Fast drying and keeps animals both clean & dry

  • Extremely Soft - Much more comfortable than nearly all other beddings

  • 99.9% Dust-Free - Safe for all species

  • Bright White Color - Aids in health observations of the animals

  • Safe & Environmentally Friendly - Made from pre-consumer specialty paper

  • Human-Grade Specialty Paper - Suitable for all research applications

  • Light Weight - Easy to handle, and can reduce disposal costs

  • Dioxin-Free - Tested & verified

  • Economical Price Point