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An untreated animal cage board for more precise control of variables.

Chemically treated cage boards may be a significant factor in selected studies. Now Techsorb, Shepherd's technical-grade animal case board, gives you absolute control of that variable.

Techsorb has no antibiotic neomycin. But like Shepherds original treated Deosorb®, it soaks up wetness like a sponge and offers the same convenience and advantages.

• Super absorbency. So absorbent, in fact, that Techsorb is recommended for use under larger animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

• Special wicking action. Techsorb's effective capillary action is why moisture spreads evenly throughout the sheet - instead of puddling or running off.

• Greater economy.
Techsorb cuts animal care costs because it lasts up to twice as long as other cage liners. Fewer replacements mean easier cage maintenance, lower costs.

• Space savings. Techsorb takes less space than other materials and allows more compact disposal.

• Easier handling. Easier because sheets are thin but rigid enough for easy moving and handling.

• Bright white surface. Techsorb's textured white surface reflects light, brightening cages and making discharged blood readily noticeable.

• Custom sizing. Techsorb is available in a wide range of sizes and in sheets custom-cut to your requirements.

• Fast, easy ordering. For more information, prices or samples of our specialty products for laboratory and animal care, contact your nearest Shepherd distributor. Or call toll-free 800/382-5001.

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