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Poly Pads®
Multi-layer all-purpose liners.

Shepherd Specialty Papers' Poly Pads are versatile liners of multi-ply cellulose wadding. Poly Pads back up multi-layer absorbency with a sturdy polyethylene back for zero leakage. What's more, they're economical and effectively eliminate troublesome dust.

Multiple uses. All-purpose Poly Pads are ideal for cage liners, necropsy liners and pads for animal post-surgical recovery areas. They are also widely used as bench liners and as lining material for radioactive or hazardous substances work areas.

Super absorbency. Multi-layered for increased absorbing action, Poly Pads can easily soak up heavy discharge from large animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Or in laboratory situations, the extra absorbency of multiple layers effectively handles spills.

Special wicking action. No puddling or runoff with Poly Pads. The capillary action of their several layers spreads moisture throughout the sheet.

Dust elimination. Made from 100% virgin fibers, the absorbent layers of Poly Pads will not create dust-a chronic problem.

Greater economy. Higher absorbency means longer life. And that translates into lower costs and fewer replacements in either cage or bench maintenance.

Quick, easy observation. Poly Pads are made from white tissue which makes animal discharges and lab spills readily noticeable.

Custom sizing. Poly Pads come in custom-cut sheets or rolls. Thicknesses of 7 and 12 plies are standard, and special orders up to 18 plies are also available.

Fast, easy ordering. For more information, prices or samples of our specialty products for laboratory and animal care, contact your nearest Shepherd distributor. Or call toll-free 800/382-5001.

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