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Environmental enrichment. ALPHA Pad appeals to rodents natural behavior of nest building. Its long cotton fibers allow for easy shredding and manipulation.

Special Applications. Post-surgical recovery,
neurologically debilitated rodents and radio-labelled
research protocols where dust control and contained
clean-up are critical.

Unparalleled cleanliness. ALPHA Pad is manufactured from 100% bleached cotton staple fibers to exacting standards. Please refer to the technical specifications for composition and contaminant information.

Low dust levels. Extremely long, 100% cotton staple fibers eliminate the potential for airborne dust after shredding.

Economical. The sheets are cut to size to fit standard shoebox cages, allowing for quick and easy cage filling. The long, absorbent fibers also dump out of soiled cages easily. This allows for a better use of valuable labor resources.

Exceptional absorbency. Staple cotton fibers are among the most absorbent fibers in the world. The shredded ALPHA Pad will absorb nearly 20 times its own weight This helps keep the animals clean and dry for several days.

Availability. ALPHA Pad is available in several different forms. Standard sheets are 6" x 10" in sealed poly bags at 50 sheets per bag. Each bag is packaged into a carton of 400 sheets. Sheets are also available cut to custom sizes.

Autoclavable. The ALPHA Pad is easily autoclaved. It is also available irradiated.

Reduced storage. One small carton of ALPHA Pads will bed the same quantity of cages as four bags of bedding.

Fast, easy ordering. For more information, prices or samples of our ALPHA Pad or other specialty products for laboratory and animal care, see your nearest Shepherd distributor today. Or call toll-free 1-800-382-5001.

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